Violence in Africa: multinationals in the visor?

Questionable practices

Why such a difference between domestic and foreign companies? One explanation offered is that of their vulnerability to rebel extortion. While domestic firms usually have the protection of the military or the state, foreign multinationals must do without. If they settle in unstable areas, as in many mining jurisdictions, they have to deal with the practices of the groups in place. Where the lawlessness reigns, they adapt.

Who pays a tribute to the militias on the spot?

Some multinationals enjoy the protection of African states through the historical links that unite them. Here, the colonial past still permeates the economic fabric. several scientific research has emphasized the proximity that persists between the firms of the old colonists and the governments of the former colonies. Companies receive special attention from the state and are more easily protected by the military. This gives them more flexibility in resource exploitation.

How to pacify conflicts?

Initiatives to change business practices have gradually been put in place. Among them, section 1502 of the Dodd Franck Act of 2010 which aimed mainly at trade with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although threatened by the Trump administration, it requires American companies to reveal the origin of the minerals they use.

New initiatives from the States Party

On April 9, the Nigerian government suspended all activity in the Zamfara area to restore peace. The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Bwari, said, “When we aim at the development of economic activities, we must also think about the human aspects and losing the life we ​​are witnessing.” . to make the government gave 48h to Foreign Affairs in the Mining to Leave its territory.



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